PT230 PT Piezo Scanner Tubes

High-Dynamics Operation with Low Loads

PI PT-230
Radial and axial displacement
Subnanometer resolution
Ideal for OEM applications
Large choice of designs
UHV-compatible to 10-9 hPa

Piezo actuator / scanner tube

Bipolar operating voltage up to ±250 V. Fourfold segmented electrodes for axial and XY displacement. Monolithic piezoceramic actuator with minimal geometric tolerances. UHV-compatible to 10-9 hPa. Short lead times



Custom designs with modified specifications

  • Materials
  • Operating voltage range, displacement
  • Tolerances
  • Applied sensors
  • Special high / low temperature versions
  • Segmentation of the electrodes, wrap-around electrodes, circumferential insulating borders
  • Non-magnetic


Possible dimensions

  • Length L max. 70 mm
  • Outer diameter OD 2 to 80 mm
  • Inner diameter ID 0.8 to 74 mm
  • Min. wall thickness 0.30 mm


Fields of application

Industry and research, UHV environment up to 10-9 hPa. For microdosing, micromanipulation, scanning microscopy (AFM, STM, etc.), fiber stretching



Datasheet PT230

pdf - 847 KB
pdf - 845 KB

Drawings / Images

PT Piezo Tube actuators, dimensions in mm L, OD, ID see data table




Datasheet PT230

pdf - 847 KB
pdf - 845 KB