Piezo Tube Actuators

Radial, Axial and XY Displacements with Low Loads

Piezoceramic tube actuators of the piezo tube series are monolithic actuators, which contract radially and axially as soon as a voltage is applied between the inner and the outer electrode. Piezo tube actuators are often used in scanning probe microscopes to provide dynamic scanning motions in open-loop operation, and as fiber stretchers. Furthermore they are e.g. employed for microdosing tasks in nanoliter pumps or inkjet printers.

Piezo tube actuators are manufactured to the tightest tolerances (0.05 mm). We can provide tubes with diameters as small as 0.8 mm.

Piezo Tube Actuators

PI PT120 Piezo Tubes

PT120 – PT140 Piezo Tubes

High-Dynamics Operation with Low Loads
PI PT-230 Piezo Scanner Tubes

PT230 PT Piezo Scanner Tubes

High-Dynamics Operation with Low Loads


Piezo tube actuators are manufactured in a variety of shapes. They are designed to optimally suit the specific application. On request, we gladly offer you customized products.


The dimensions of tube actuators can be customized. Even large quantities can be delivered on short notice. Tube actuators can be provided with multi-segmented electrodes, for example, to influence the oscillation characteristics. Wrap-around electrodes allow you to establish electrical contacting at a favorable position within the mechanical assembly.

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Applications and Markets

  • Micromanipulation
  • Scanning microscopy (AFM, STM, etc.)
  • Fiber stretcher

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User Manual A000T0047

Handling and Electrical Contacting of Piezo Components

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