P-010.xxH – P-025.xxH PICA Thru Ring Actuators

High-Load Piezo Actuators with Inner Hole

High load capacity
Extreme reliability: >109 cycles
Microsecond response
Subnanometer resolution
Large choice of designs

Stacked piezo linear actuator

Operating voltage 0 to 1000 V. Long lifetime without derating. High specific displacement. A mechanical preload can be attached via inner holes


Available options

  • SGS sensors for positional stability
  • PZT ceramic material
  • Operating voltage range, displacement, layer thickness
  • Load capacity, force generation
  • Geometric shapes: round, rectangular, various cross sections
  • Mechanical interface: flat
  • Integrated piezoelectric detector layers
  • Special high / low temperature versions
  • UHV-compatible versions up to 10-9 hPa
  • Non-magnetic versions
  • Extra-tight length tolerances


Fields of application

Industry and research. For optics, precision mechanics and machining, laser tuning



Datasheet P-010xx.H - P-025xx.H

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Drawings / Images

PI P-010.xxH
PI P-010.xxH Drawing

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Datasheet P-010xx.H - P-025xx.H

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pdf - 1 MB
pdf - 1 MB


User Manual PZ138

PICA Piezo Actuators: P-007, P-010, P-016, P-025, P-035, P-045, P-050, P-056 PICA Stack/Power/Thru Customized Products
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