Drivers and Controllers for PICMA® Bender Multilayer Actuators

Piezo amplifiers for >> PICMA® Bender Actuators offer fixed and variable output voltages of up to 60 V for differential control.

E-650 Piezo Amplifier for Multilayer Bending Actuators

Benchtop Device and OEM Module

  • Specifically designed for operating dynamic multilayer piezo bending actuators without position sensor
  • Benchtop and OEM versions
  • Peak power to 18 W
  • Voltage display
PI E-651

E-651 • E-614 Piezo Amplifier / Servo Controller

For Closed-Loop Multilayer Bending Actuators

  • For closed-loop multilayer piezo bending actuators
  • Benchtop and OEM board versions
  • One- and two-channel versions
  • Position control for strain gauge sensors
  • Overheat protection

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