Smart Interface: Piezo Components with Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Fast Integration, Safe Contacting

Quick and Easy
Simple contacting of the piezo components thanks to standard plug-in connector on a printed circuit board in the end device

Flexible and Compact
Flexible printed circuit boards can be bent and folded, so the contacting of a piezo component is possible even in the smallest installation spaces

Safe and Repeatable
Connecting the piezo component to flexible printed circuit boards can be done by PI Ceramic, therefore, avoiding time-consuming manual soldering and guaranteeing constant product quality


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Components with Flexible Printed Circuit Boards from One Single Source

To provide piezo components with stranded wires and to contact them on printed circuit boards is time-consuming and risky when you do it yourself: If the soldering iron remains on the component for too long, there is a risk that the electrode will be destroyed or that the piezoelectric properties of the ceramic will be negatively affected by excessive heat. PI Ceramic takes on this step for customers and supplies piezoceramic components with flexible printed circuit boards.

More Flexibility with Bendable PCB Trace

Not only does the soldering process become superfluous with pre-assembled piezo components, our smart interface solution also offers further advantages for the use and additional processing of the components:


  • Adjustment to desired shape or bend during use
  • Avoidance of predetermined breaking points due to heavy cable harnesses on moving components
  • 3-D mounting possible

Customized Designs: We Solder and Glue for You

PI Ceramic develops the piezo components for your customer-specific applications and also designs the corresponding flexible printed circuit boards. When combining both components, we rely on our comprehensive know-how in the field of manufacturing technologies >> Soldering and Gluing. Our defined and reproducible soldering conditions enable constant product quality in series production.

You can order the following types of printed circuit boards from us:

Flexible printed circuit boards
Design and connection type according to customer requirements

Rigid-flex printed circuit boards
Flexible circuit board made of composite material, combination of rigid and flexible circuit carriers