Piezoceramic Discs, Rods & Cylinders

Miniaturized Piezo Ceramics - Disks

Customized Discs without Special Electrodes

OD     Outer diameter

TH      Thickness
P        Polarization direction

Outer diameter OD
2 to 80 mm 
Thickness TH
0.15 to 30 mm
Silver (thick layer) or PVD thin layer (different materials: e.g. CuNi, Au, etc.)



Customized Discs with Special Electrodes (Wrap-Around Contacts)

OD     Outer diameter
TH      Thickness

Wrap-around electrodes allow you to establish electrical contacting at a favorable position within the mechanical assembly.

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User Manual A000T0047

Handling and Electrical Contacting of Piezo Components
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Version / Date
Document language
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