P-876 DuraAct Patch Transducer

Bendable and Robust

PI P-876
Useable as actuator, sensor or energy generator
Min. bending radii of down to 12 mm
Compact design
Individual solutions

Patch transducer

Functionality as actuator and sensor component. Nominal operating voltage from 100 up to 1000 V, depending on the active layer height. Power generation for self-sufficient systems possible up to the milliwatt range. Can also be applied to curved surfaces


Robust, cost-effective design

Laminated structure consisting of a piezoceramic plate, electrodes and polymer materials. Manufactured with bubble-free injection method. The polymer coating simultaneously serves as a mechanical preload as well as an electrical insulation, which makes the DuraAct bendable


Custom DuraAct patch transducers

  • Flexible choice of size
  • Flexible choice of thickness and thus bending ability
  • Flexible choice of piezoceramic material
  • Variable design of the electrical connections
  • Combined actuator / sensor applications, even with several piezoceramic layers
  • Multilayer piezo elements
  • Arrays


Fields of application

Industry and research. Can also be applied to curved surfaces or used for integration in structures. For adaptive systems, energy harvesting, structural health monitoring


Valid patents

German patent no. 10051784C1

US patent no. 6,930,439



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PI Datasheet P-876

DuraAct Patch Transducer Bendable and Robust
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Whitepaper: Energy Harvesting Uses the Piezo Effect

DuraAct Piezo Transducer plus Matching Electronics
WP pi1068
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Technical Note P876T0001

P-876, P-878 DuraAct and DuraAct Power Patch Transducers
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