DuraAct Patch Transducers

Robust and Flexible Piezo Composites

DuraAct patch transducers are so called "Smart Materials", having both sensor and actuator characteristics. This means that these patch transducers can be used as sensors and actuators as well as being able to generate and store an electrical charge. The patented laminated structure consisting of piezo ceramic, electrodes, and polymer exterior is electrically insulated and mechanically robust.

Applications and Markets

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Highly Dynamic Actuators
  • Active Vibration Damping
  • Energy-Autarkic Systems

DuraAct Actuators and Accessories

DuraAct Power Patch Transducer

P-878 DuraAct Power Patch Transducer

High Efficiency and Robust
DuraAct Patch Transducer

P-876 DuraAct Patch Transducer

Bendable and Robust
PI E-413

Drivers and Controllers for DuraAct Actuators

  • DuraAct Actuators require different operating voltage ranges, depending on the integrated ceramic.

Customized Modifications

DuraAct patch transducers are produced in different shapes. Whether you need special electronics or special geometries – we can adapt our product to your application.

Dimensions and Shapes

  • Flexible selection
  • The bendability of the piezo ceramic depends on the thickness of the material
  • The selection of the piezoceramic material depends on the operating temperature


  • Multiple DuraAct patch transducers can be incorporated into one laminate
  • Contacting together or individually
  • To use the DuraAct patch transducer as an actuator and sensor, the piezoceramic structure is made up of several layers

Electrical Connections

  • For each piezo element, different wires according to the AWG standard are used – refer to the soldering instructions of the respective product
  • 100-mm stranded wires or soldering points are the standard contacts for piezo actuators

Special Electronics for Sensor Applications

  • It is possible to mount the electronic modules close to the transducer, e.g. for processing sensor data or for control purposes of the DuraAct actuator
  • Contacting using solder pins or miniature connectors

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DuraAct Piezoelectric Patch Transducer

Flexible, Efficient, Durable

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BRO07E R2 2021-03
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BRO07D R2 2021-03
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