Drivers and Controllers for Picoactuator® Actuators

>> Picoactuator® Actuators are operated with a bipolar voltage of ±500 V. The output voltage range of the PICA amplifiers can be set accordingly to suit this purpose. For smaller displacements, it is possible to use amplifiers for >> PICA Shear Actuators of ±250 V.

E-413.2 - E-413.6 Multi-Channel Piezo Amplifier

For Piezo Tubes and PICA Shear Actuators

  • Low-noise piezo amplifier
  • Peak power up to 50 W
  • Bipolar operation
  • Output voltage -250 to 250 V
  • Ideally adapted for scanner tubes
  • Output voltage monitoring
PI E-536

E-536 PicoCube Piezo Controllers

High Dynamics and Resolution in up to Three Axes

  • For P-363 PicoCube systems
  • Peak power 3 × 100 W
  • Extremely low noise
  • Variants: High dynamics & high resolution
  • Output voltage ±250 V

E-482 PICA High-Performance Piezo Amplifier / Servo Controller

High Energy Efficiency due to Energy Recovery

  • Peak current 6 A
  • Output voltage to 1050 V
  • Integrated energy recovery
  • Temperature sensor protects piezo actuator from overheating
  • Position control (optional)
  • Interface / display modules (optional)

E-481 PICA Piezo High-Power Amplifier/Controller

2000 W and high efficiency due to energy recovery

  • Peak power 2000 W
  • Integrated energy recovery
  • Output voltage 0 to ±1100 V or bipolar
  • Overheat protection for piezo actuators with temperature sensor
  • Position control (optional)
  • Interface / display modules (optional)

E-413 DuraAct and PICA Shear Piezo Driver

Bipolar Operation for Piezoelectric Patch Transducers and Shear Actuators

  • Peak power to 50 W
  • OEM module / benchtop device for PICA Shear actuators
  • OEM module for piezoelectric DuraAct patch transducers

E-508 PICA Piezo Amplifier Module

High-Power Module with 1100 V Voltage Range, for the E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Peak power up to 400 W
  • Output voltage range 3 to 1100 V, -3 to -1100 V or bipolar
  • Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
  • E-508.OE for switching applications
  • Position control (optional)
  • Interface / display modules (optional)

E-470 • E-472 • E-421 PICA Piezo Controller

Modular High-Power Amplifier / Controller

  • Peak power 550 W
  • Output voltage range 3 to 1100 V or bipolar
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer interface and display modules

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