Drivers and Controllers for PICA Shear Actuators

Piezo amplifiers for >> PICA Shear Actuators offer a bipolar output voltage of ±250 V.

E-413.2 - E-413.6 Multi-Channel Piezo Amplifier

For Piezo Tubes and PICA Shear Actuators

  • Low-noise piezo amplifier
  • Peak power up to 50 W
  • Bipolar operation
  • Output voltage -250 to 250 V
  • Ideally adapted for scanner tubes
  • Output voltage monitoring
PI E-536

E-536 PicoCube Piezo Controllers

High Dynamics and Resolution in up to Three Axes

  • For P-363 PicoCube systems
  • Peak power 3 × 100 W
  • Extremely low noise
  • Variants: High dynamics & high resolution
  • Output voltage ±250 V

E-413 DuraAct and PICA Shear Piezo Driver

Bipolar Operation for Piezoelectric Patch Transducers and Shear Actuators

  • Peak power to 50 W
  • OEM module / benchtop device for PICA Shear actuators
  • OEM module for piezoelectric DuraAct patch transducers