Drivers and Controllers for PICMA® Stack/Chip Multilayer Actuators

Piezo amplifiers for >> PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Actuators offer an output voltage of up to 130 V. Amplifiers with high output current allow dynamic operation of the actuators and precise positioning while requiring low power.

PI E-836.03 OEM
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E-836 Compact Piezo Amplifier / OEM Module

Cost-Effective, Low-Noise Piezo Amplifiers for Dynamic Piezo Actuator Operation

  • Piezo amplifier unit (bench-top) and OEM module
  • Peak current up to 100 mA
  • Easy integration
  • Power-up / down without voltage spikes
  • 24 V operating voltage
PI E-618
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E-618 High-Power Piezo Amplifier / Servo Controller

High Currents, High Dynamics

  • Peak current 20 A
  • Microsecond rise time
  • 15 kHz bandwidth for high dynamics applications
  • Overheat protection for piezo actuators with temperature sensor
PI E-617
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E-617 High-Power Piezo Amplifier

Top-Hat & OEM Modules with Energy Recovery for High-Dynamics 24/7 Operation

  • Peak power to 280 W
  • High currents to 2000 mA
  • Energy recovery for low power consumption
  • OEM module and top-hat-rail versions
PI E-610.00
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E-610 Piezo Amplifier / Controller

1-Channel OEM Piezo Driver Module with Optional Position Servo-Control

  • Cost-effective 1-channel OEM solution
  • Closed-loop and open-loop versions
  • Notch filter for higher bandwidth
  • Position control with strain gauge or capacitive sensor
  • Peak current 180 mA
PI E-505.00
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E-505 Piezo Amplifier Module

High Power, E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Peak current up to 10 A
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer interface and display modules
PI E-504
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E-504 Piezo Amplifier Module

High Power through Energy Recovery, E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Peak power 280 W
  • High average output power 100 W
  • Very energy efficient through energy recovery
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer interface and display modules
PI E-503.00
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E-503 Piezo Amplifier Module

3 Channels, for E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
  • Peak current 3 × 140 mA
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer interface and display modules
PI E-831
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E-831 OEM Piezo Driver

Low-cost module with separate power supply

  • Compact piezo power amplifier
  • Peak current up to 250 mA
  • Cost-efficient
  • Low noise, high stability
  • Easy integration
  • Short-circuit-proof, full overcurrent and temperature protection
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E-709 Compact and Cost-Optimized Digital Piezo Controller

For SGS, Piezoresistive and Capacitive Sensors

  • Linearity error to 0.02 %
  • Fast 25 Mbit/s serial interface
  • Comprehensive I/O functions
  • Low-cost OEM versions available
  • Extensive software support
PI E-663.00
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E-663 Three-Channel Piezo Driver

For Open-Loop Piezo Systems and Actuators without Position Sensors

  • 3 independent channels
  • Peak power 3 × 14 W
  • 3 LED voltage displays
  • Output voltage range -20 to 120 V
PI E-506
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E-506 Linearized Piezo Amplifier

Improves Linearity Also Without Position Control

  • Highly linear amplifier module
  • For dynamic applications
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Peak current 2 A, average current 215 mA

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