Drivers and Controllers for PICMA® Stack/Chip Multilayer Actuators

Piezo amplifiers for >> PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Actuators offer an output voltage of up to 130 V. Amplifiers with high output current allow dynamic operation of the actuators and precise positioning while requiring low power.

E-836 Compact Piezo Amplifier / OEM Module

Cost-Effective, Low-Noise Piezo Amplifiers for Dynamic Piezo Actuator Operation

  • OEM module and benchtop device
  • Peak current up to 100 mA
  • Easy integration
  • Power on/off without voltage spikes
  • 24 V operating voltage

E-618 High-Power Piezo Amplifier / Servo Controller

High Currents, High Dynamics

  • Peak current 20 A
  • Rise times in the microsecond range
  • 15 kHz bandwidth for high dynamics applications
  • Overheat protection for piezo actuators with temperature sensor

E-617 High-Performance Piezo Amplifier

Industrial / OEM Module with Energy Recovery for Continuous Dynamic Applications

  • Peak power to 280 W
  • High currents to 2000 mA
  • Low power consumption due to integrated energy recovery
  • OEM module and top hat rail mounting

E-610 Piezo Amplifier / Servo Controller

1-Channel OEM Module with Optional Position Control

  • Inexpensive 1-channel OEM solution
  • Closed-loop and open-loop versions
  • Notch filter for higher bandwidth
  • Position control for SGS, LVDT, and capacitive sensors
  • Peak current 140 mA
PI E-505.00

E-505 Piezo Amplifier Module

High Power, E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Peak current to 10 A
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
  • Position control (optional)
  • Interface / display modules (optional)
PI E-504

E-504 Piezo Amplifier Module

High Power due to Energy Recovery, E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Peak power 280 W
  • High continuous power of 100 W
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
  • Position control (optional)
  • Interface / display modules (optional)

E-503 Piezo Amplifier Module

For Three Channels, E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Plug-in module for E-500 piezo system
  • Peak current 3 × 140 mA
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Position control (optional)
  • Interface / display modules (optional)

E-831 Piezo Amplifier Module

Low-Cost Module with Separate Power Adapter

  • Compact piezo power amplifier
  • Peak current up to 250 mA
  • Inexpensive
  • Low noise, high stability
  • Easy integration
  • Short-circuit proof, full overcurrent and overtemperature protection

E-709 Compact and Cost-Optimized Digital Piezo Controller

For SGS, Piezoresistive and Capacitive Sensors, 1 Axis

  • Linearity error maximum of 0.02 %
  • Fast 25 Mbit/s serial interface
  • Comprehensive I/O functions
  • Inexpensive OEM versions available
  • Extensive software package

E-663 3-Channel Piezo Amplifier

For Open-Loop Piezo Systems and Actuators without Position Sensors

  • 3 independent channels
  • Peak power 3 × 14 W
  • 3 LED displays
  • Output voltage range -20 to 120 V
PI E-506

E-506 Piezo Charge amplifier

Highly Linear, 30 W Continuous Power, 1 Channel

  • Highly linear amplifier module
  • For dynamic applications
  • Output voltage range -30 to 130 V
  • Peak current 2 A, continuous current 215 mA

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