Drivers and Controllers for PICA Stack/Power/Thru Actuators

Piezo amplifiers for >> PICA Actuators offer a voltage range of up to 1100 V, which is available as unipolar or bipolar voltage. Amplifiers with high output current allow dynamic operation of the actuators and precise positioning while requiring low power.

PI E-481 E-482
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E-482 PICA High-Power Piezo Driver / Servo Controller

High Energy Efficiency through Energy Recovery

  • Peak current 6 A
  • Output voltage to 1050 V
  • Integrated energy recovery
  • Temperature sensor protects piezo actuator from overheating
PI E-481 E-482
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E-481 PICA Piezo High-Power Amplifier/Controller

2000 W and Energy Recovery for High Efficiency

  • Peak power 2000 W
  • Integrated energy recovery
  • Output voltage 0 to ±1100 V or bipolar
  • Overheat protection for piezo actuators with temperature sensor
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer interface and display modules
PI E-464
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E-464 PICA Piezo Driver / Amplifier

For Piezo Systems and Actuators, for up to 3 Axes

  • 3 powerful channels
  • Peak power 3 × 25 W
  • Output voltage range 0 to 1100 V
  • 3 LED voltage displays
PI E-462.OE1
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E-462 PICA Piezo Driver

Compact, Bench-Top or OEM Module

  • Single-channel piezo driver
  • Output voltage range 10 to 1000 V
  • 12 V battery or external P/S operation
  • For static or quasi-static operation
PI E-508
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E-508 PICA piezo amplifier module

High-Power Module with 1100 V Output Voltage, for the E-500 Piezo Controller System

  • Peak output power up to 400 W
  • Output voltage range 3 to 1100 V, -3 to -1100 V or bipolar
  • Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
  • E-508.OE for switching applications
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer interface and display modules
PI E-471 E-421 E-516
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E-470 • E-472 • E-421 PICA Piezo Controller

Modular High-Power Amplifier / Controller

  • Peak power 550 W
  • Output voltage range 3 to 1100 V or bipolar
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer interface and display modules

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