Miniaturized Piezo Components

Piezoelectric Elements in the 1 mm Range

PI Ceramic manufactures already contacted or assembled piezoceramics in customized shapes and sizes in the 1 mm range with a variety of finishes in standard or free-form shapes, with holes or special contours. Our focus is on your application – we manufacture the required miniature components starting at a few tens of pieces up to large series.

A Thousand Applications, One Manufacturer

Piezoceramic components are ideally suited for the generation and detection of vibrations in the smallest of areas – miniaturized piezo components make use of exactly this quality in their application. Thanks to their compact design, they can be used in medical devices for minimally invasive therapy, for example for intravascular lithotripsy or targeted drug release.

With the help of miniaturized piezo elements, adaptive fine adjustments of small optical elements used in semiconductor or silicon photonics applications, for example lenses, mirrors, or exit areas of optical fibers, can be made.

Small piezo elements can also be used to generate highly precise and fast motion. Piezo tubes provide radial displacement or, when controlled in segments, motion on the XY level, making them suitable for application in >> precision dosing or scanning fiber endoscopy. In SFE, the piezoceramics act as miniature scanners or as alignment systems for controlling an optical signal. Bending actuators achieve relatively large displacements in similar applications even over the smallest surface.

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