Miniaturized Piezo Ceramics

Active functional ceramic components can be used in a very limited space to create motion. This makes it possible to make adaptive fine adjustments to miniaturized optical elements in semiconductor or silicon photonics applications, for example, lenses or exit areas of optical fibers as well as mirrors.

Depending on component and control, oscillation can be generated and detected. This is how miniaturized sensors are created for nanodispensing and fluidics or precision miniaturized displacement measuring.

A Thousand Possibilities, One Manufacturer

Piezo tubes provide radial displacement or, when controlled in segments, motion on the XY level. They can be used as miniature scanner and alignment systems or for controlling an optical signal, or used in endoscopy. Bending actuators achieve relatively large displacement in similar applications even with the smallest surface.

Components made of ceramic materials are ideal for generating oscillation. They can be manufactured very flexibly – as disks or square-shaped, with holes or special contouring. Hemispheres or spherical segments for radial propagation of the oscillation are particularly interesting.

Miniaturization in the 1-mm Range

The different shapes can be manufactured with external dimensions smaller than 1 mm. In addition, various technologies are also available such as for example, freeforming. In this case, each element is something special because it must match the application environment exactly!


  • PI Ceramic has the capacity required to manufacture products any number of products from as few as ten or up to a thousand units. Furthermore, larger quantities are also possible on request. That distinguishes us from the mass producers in the Far East in particular particularly when you don't need quantities in excess of a million units.

  • PI Ceramic doesn't leave you on your own with your piezo components, but can also take care of the connection technology. We focus on your application.

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