Visit us at the electronica!

The world's leading electronics exhibition and conference electronica begins November 13, 2018 in Munich. The world's leading exhibition for electronic components, systems, and applications provides an ideal platform for PI Ceramic to present its broad product portfolio of piezoceramic components and actuators. We will be very happy to show you products of various designs at our stand, from individual components to integrated OEM solutions. Our products have been used in industry successfully for many years, for example, in sensor technology, medical technology, and ultrasound technology.

Visit us hall B3, at stand 415.

We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a good journey!

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Piezo components

Piezoelectric components such as plates, disks or rings convert mechanical signals such as  force, pressure, strain or acceleration to electrical voltage, or vice versa an electrical voltage to mechanical motion or oscillation.

Piezo actuators

PI Ceramic offers a broad variety of piezoelectric actuators for applications in all important high-tech markets: Medical technology, industrial automation, research, aerospace, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and much more.


Piezo technology is used in high-tech markets such as medical technology, mechanical engineering and the automotive sector or semiconductor technology, but is also present in everyday life, e.g. as generator of ultrasound oscillation in dental cleaning.