Improving Quality of Life

With Piezo Power at the Heart of Your Application

Medical technology is developing rapidly in order to improve the quality of patients’ lives and to establish new methods of therapy. Simultaneously, the demands of the products used in these systems are increasing. Piezo technology can contribute significantly to this progress – especially in the context of miniaturizing appliances, but also in smart patient monitoring or more gentle therapy options as well as lab process automation.

Components for MedTech and life science instruments must be fast, reliable and energy efficient. Piezo-driven applications enable minimally invasive treatments such as fast endoscopic examinations with high resolution or gentle catheter ablation, e.g. within the heart. Miniature medical implants such as hearing aids use the acoustic waves of piezo elements to replicate limited sensory functions. Moreover, in vitro diagnostics and portable medical devices make use of piezo functions, e.g., for precise liquid handling in the smallest space. New and emerging therapies such as incisionless surgery are only possible using ultrasonic technology with piezo elements. Our customized piezo components, manufactured and assembled in a cleanroom environment, increase the quality of life for patients everywhere.

PI offers support for medical applications such as:

Liquid Handling in Point of Care Devices
Array Spotting
Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer
Focused Ultrasound Tissue Ablation
Ultrasonic Scalpels
Air Bubble Detectors
Implantable Micropumps