Ultrasound as a Precise Measurement Tool

Sensor devices refer to the application of sensors for measuring and monitoring various physical and chemical properties. Sensor devices in industrial production are becoming especially important in conjunction with digitalization and Industry 4.0. Since ultrasound is a versatile instrument in measuring and monitoring various processes and procedures, such sensors are very sought after in the industry.

Ultrasonic sensors are used in smart metering and maintenance of machines and plants, e.g., for predictive maintenance. With ultrasound, machines, plants, pumps, and other equipment can be monitored noninvasively.

Positioning sensors with ultrasound are often applied in level detection and displacement measuring in logistics, in production plants, or filling systems to contactlessly and flexibly determine the presence and position of components, materials, or products with high speed.

Piezo elements generate ultrasonic waves in the sensor. The transducer is placed outside of the medium to be detected, in this way, contactless metering is possible.

The piezo ceramics used in the ultrasonic transducer must fulfill high expectations. As key component, it influences the quality of the transducer; therefore, also the accuracy of the sensors. The piezoceramic material, design, and assembly and connection technology are here the decisive factors because the piezoceramic used must fit the respective application and must be easy to integrate in the sensors.

PI offers various piezo shapes, electrode configurations, and flexible production quantities. If required, the matching assembly and connection technology is available so that the user only has to deal with the installation in the sensor.

PI supports you with piezo solutions for applications such as:

Position detection
Level detection
Acceleration measurement
Structural monitoring

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