Using Acoustic Waves as Powerful Instruments

With Piezo Power at the Heart of Your Application

Numerous highly automated technologies need smart monitoring that can recognize malfunctions quickly and reliably, and that can be integrated well and easily into existing processes. Here, piezo technology is used as ultrasonic transducers. With the help of acoustic waves, the continuous monitoring of processes can be carried out without contact and free of contamination, and it can so ensure a safe and stable process cycle. This is an advantage in, for example, the automated metering of fluids such as water or gas when detecting air bubbles or determining the viscosity or concentration.

In industrial applications as well as in marine technologies, piezo ceramics improve sonar or underwater communication using ultrasonic technology. Furthermore, ultrasonic transducers are used to monitor boreholes or components that are difficult to access, such as the rotor blades of wind turbines or constructions in oil platforms.