Enabling Efficient Process Automation

With Piezo Power at the Heart of Your Application

Advancing digitalization and the miniaturization of electronics components lead to a steady increase in demands for efficient production processes. Piezo technology has been indispensable for these innovative and automated industrial processes for a long time already and it always opens up new possibilities and broader fields of application.

One of these application areas is the high-precision, dynamic, and contactless dosing of various liquids, for example, printing on PCBs with glues or dosing soldering paste on tiny microchips, dosing melted polymers, or the printing of ink and other media with the most different viscosity.

All these dispensing processes require exact amounts in micro-, or partly, in picoliters that must be dispensed contactlessly in the shortest dispensing cycles. This is what piezo elements can deliver. Piezoceramic elements convince thanks to their unbelievably fast displacements. Thanks to their high force generation, they can also dispense highly viscous media.

Industrial Precision Dosing

Discover our piezo elements for your application in precision dispensing!


Industrial Precision Dosing