Customer-Specific OEM Solutions for Piezo Ceramics

The development and production of customized OEM adaptations for piezo ceramics is a complex process:
Long-term experience and the right machine tools are required to guarantee a prompt and reliable development of specific solutions. PI Ceramic is your reliable partner in piezo technology, capable of ensuring with specialists the entire production sequence in-house: From mixing to grinding, pressing to assembly. Apart from its technological know-how at the highest level, PI Ceramic always focusses on achieving the most economical solution.

Core Competences of PI Ceramic

  • Customized solutions
  • Almost 30 years of experience in piezo sensors and actuators
  • Flexible assembling technology
  • Complete solution:
    Control electronics and mechanical integration
  • Short delivery times, fast delivery of prototypes
  • High flexibility throughout the entire technological manufacturing process
  • Production of single parts, minimum quantities and series

Ask an engineer!

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From the Prototype to the Series

Its installations for prototype construction, own development laboratories and test installations allow quick and flexible adjustment of the standard products to special fields

Our pressing and multilayer technology enables us to shape products with a short lead time. Individual production conditions ensure optimum material parameters.

This makes prototypes and small production batches of piezo components or piezo actuators available after only very short processing times. Series of medium and large quantities are manufactured and processed in automated lines. This also allows series of up to several 100,000 units per year to be produced economically.

All development, production and inspection processes take place in-house and are firmly established in the Integrated Management System (IMS). Especially OEM customers benefit decisively from the assured quality and on-time delivery performance.

Component or Integrated Assembly?

Whether you require a piezo component or an integrated assembly – PI Ceramic has the right solution ready for you.

Piezo components are manufactured from different piezo ceramic materials, each precisely tuned to the application. Further modifications of the elements, such as very fine holes, structured ceramic surfaces, and even complex, three-dimensional contours can be produced individually. Shaping takes place either in the "green state", i.e., before sintering, or the sintered piezo ceramics are processed by precision diamond saws or cutters, known from semiconductor technology.

PI Ceramic also performs the integration of piezo elements into the customer product. This includes both the electrical contacting of the elements according to customer requirements and the mounting of components provided by the customer, as well as the gluing or the casting of the piezo ceramics. For the customer, this means an accelerated manufacturing process and shorter lead times.

Customization of Standard Piezo Actuators