The Heart of the Customer Application

With longstanding experience and technical know-how, piezo experts from PI produce the perfect functional core piece for customer-specific applications. Piezo actuators perform high-precision movements, piezo elements generate and detect the slightest vibrations. We bring your application to life.


Your Advantages with PI as a Partner
Custom piezo element and transducer manufacturing
Already during the development stage of your product, PI supports you in finding the optimum design and the ideal specifications of piezo elements. Beyond that, we manufacture piezo components, subassemblies, and ultrasonic transducers. You have a design idea, we contribute our long-standing experience. Together, we will achieve the best performance for your product.
Value-added designs
More than just piezo components or actuators: We offer value-added designs for our piezo elements. Whether you need soldering of stranded wires and flexible PCBs, gluing onto substrates, or the assembly of ultrasonic transducers with acoustic matching layers and housing: We deliver a ready-to-install, quality-tested product. Talk to us about your specific requirements!
Miniaturized piezo components
Special applications require special piezo elements. You are planning with the smallest installation spaces? PI has the technical expertise to produce tiny piezo components for this purpose. Whether it is tubes with 0.4 mm diameter or 2 mm small spheres: We support you in miniaturizing your solution.
Flexible quantities
You need 10 million actuators or maybe just one? Not a problem: Starting with developing and manufacturing the piezo material, all manufacturing steps are carried out in-house. This is how we can fulfill requests no matter how small or large.
Cleanroom environment
Your application is used in outer space conditions, in precision instrument engineering, or in medical technology – our piezo components are manufactured and assembled under cleanroom conditions. This is why we can meet the necessary quality standards for your products.
Entire value chain in one hand
Customized products made of piezo materials developed in-house: We take care of all steps necessary for your application at our facilities, including manufacturing and assembling the piezo elements and ultrasonic transducers. Consistent high quality across all process steps guaranteed!

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