Competencies for Pushing the Boundaries of What Is Possible

Piezo Technology, Nano Positioning, and Performance Automation Are the Basis for Sustainable Solutions

Pushing boundaries together with the customers, making new technologies possible, and shaping market trends – this is PI's ambition and what has shaped the company's history for more than 50 years. Decades of experience in nanopositioning and piezo technology, a constantly developing patent and technology portfolio, and in-depth application knowledge for the automation of precision motion emphasize this ambition.

Today, PI is already working on the solutions of tomorrow in order to support customers in industry and research to master technological leaps and be successful in their markets.

The basis for it are our core competencies:

It Always Seems Impossible. Until It’s Done.

When it comes to your future, nothing may remain impossible. That is why, we are already working today on the solutions for tomorrow.