Paths to the Future.

Your Career at PI.

It is in the nature of our solutions to break new ground. To look over the rim and to set new boundaries. We work globally in the most dynamic, challenging, and innovative markets and are already shaping the future today with technological innovations that create new trends and set new standards. Of course, our employees are our most important capital – because they are go-getters, unconventional thinkers, dynamists, turbo tinkerers, power professionals, and horizon expanders. You are dynamic, flexible, independent, and enjoy dealing creatively and professionally with new situations and challenges.
In short: We like and look for people who share the same vision and dynamics we do. People who want to make a difference and have ambitious objectives. Let's shape the future together!

Technological leaps? Always welcome. We live and love innovation, thinking ahead, and making the incredible possible. It is not without reason that we, the PI Group, as a fast-growing medium-sized company, are a global market leader for best-in-class positioning technology and piezo technologies. Our highly innovative solutions help companies worldwide to continuously push the boundaries of what is technically possible in the fields of life science, industrial automation, photonics, semiconductors, or astronomy. Our strategic positioning is so diverse that we can achieve sustainable growth even in recessionary environments. For example, our placement as one of the hidden champions in the Handelsblatt Ranking 2018 is gratifying confirmation for us on our successful mission for creating the sustainable technology trends of tomorrow today.

News / COVID-19

You can find current information on how COVID-19 may influence processes and procedures at PI in the >> Careers at PI section.

Responsibility from the Very Beginning.

PI Corporate Social Responsibility.

Educational partnerships with schools and universities, care bears for children in intensive care, support for local institutions and associations, scholarships, promotion of public transport for our employees and last but not least, we focus on pioneering recycling and energy efficiency at our sites: CSR is part and parcel of what we do, both on a small and a large scale.

After all, sustainable ideas and social responsibility have been shaping our thoughts and actions not just in the past, but for many decades. As a family-run, employee-oriented company, CSR has always been part of our DNA. And this applies locally, regionally, and globally.

For better readability, we have formulated our texts with the masculine pronoun. However, the job offers and other content on our website address all genders. At PI, everyone is welcome – the diversity of our employees is an asset to our company.