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Ultrasonic Ablation Fights Atrial Fibrillation

Ultrasonic Transducers from PI Ceramic Are Used by Helium Medical for Award-Winning Treatment

Approximately 46 million patients worldwide suffer from atrial fibrillation – the most common cardiac arrhythmia, which can lead to life-threatening complications. Healium Medical, an Israeli start-up, developed a transcatheter ultrasonic ablation procedure for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. PI Ceramic manufactures the transducers for this minimally invasive treatment procedure.

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"Arrived at the Right Place"

Patrick Pertsch Looks Back on One Year as Managing Director of PI Ceramic – and He Has Big Plans for the Future

In 2018, Dr. Patrick Pertsch took over the position of Managing Director of PI Ceramic. The new responsibility entailed some challenges, but also many successes. This much is certain: Pertsch has arrived at the right place. After one year he takes stock – and shares his vision for the future of the company.

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PICMA® Chip rings and discs are available in different variants with up to 16 mm in diameter

It's Never Happened Before: Multilayer Actuators in Resonant Operation

Generating Ultrasonic Oscillation with Battery Power

The post explains, why this particular combination of resonant operation and low voltage is so special. Generating ultrasonic oscillation from battery power is useful for mobile measuring devices or medical devices. Atomizers for asthma therapy or so-called ultrasonic scalpels in eye surgery are good examples of this.

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Looking back: PI Ceramic Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Over the last 25 years, PI Ceramic has been developing and manufacturing piezo components for actuator and sensor applications in Lederhose, Germany. PI Ceramic is one of the market and technology leaders in piezo technology.

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