Piezo Force Sensors for Metrology

The centerpiece of the piezoelectric force or acceleration sensor is a disk made of a piezoelectric ceramic connected to a seismic mass. If the complete system is accelerated, this mass increases the mechanical deformation of the piezo disk, and thus increases the measurable voltage.

The sensors detect varying accelerations in a broad frequency and dynamics range while exhibiting an almost linear response over the entire measurement range.

Piezoelectric force sensors are suitable for the measurement of dynamic tensile, compression and shearing forces. They can be designed with very high stiffness and can also measure highly dynamic forces. A very high resolution is typical.

In addition to that, piezo components are used in traditional vibration detectors, for example, for detecting imbalances on rotating machine parts or also in crash detectors in the automotive sector.

PI Ceramic supplies the piezo component, manufactures the integrated assembly according to customer requirements and ensures proper installation and contacting.

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Fundamentals, Characteristics and Applications
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