Energy-Autarkic Systems with Piezo Elements

Using The Piezo Effect to Generate Energy

Piezo elements can be used for the generation of electricity from sources such as ambient temperature, vibrations, or air currents by employing the >> direct piezo or generator effect. The mechanical deformation of a piezo crystal with tension or pressure generates electrical charges that can be measured as voltage on the electrodes of the piezo element. With the conversion of the energy available from the environment a self-sufficient energy supply for small electric loads such as sensors or radio transmitters is possible.

With the piezoelectric effect, the motion energy can be harnessed: Piezo elements convert the energy from oscillations or shocks into electrical energy. With the appropriate electronics, a self-sufficient energy supply system can be created - completely without any power supply using cables or batteries or the associated maintenance costs.


  • Condition and Structural Health Monitoring
    Monitoring of components in complex systems such as aircraft wings - here, piezo transducers are used to measure deformations, for example, but also supply transmitters for wireless data transmission with energy
  • Data Monitoring and Transmission
    Energy supply for sensors and radio transmitters, e.g. in heating and air-conditioning technology for monitoring temperature or air flow in pipes
  • Product Monitoring During Transport
    Detection of temperatures in closed containers, for example, without the corresponding sensor technology having to be connected to a energy supply or equipped with batteries - vehicle vibrations are used to generate energy
  • Energy Supply of Wireless Networks
    e.g. ZigBee or EnOcean

Application-Specific, Energy-Autarkic Solutions

Any energy-autarkic solution must be adapted individually to the respective application. Consequently, energy converters and stores as well as the electronics are adjusted to the energy requirements of the electric load and the excitation conditions.

For the energy source, for example, a distinction must be made between continuous and pulsed motion. The conditions of the electric load must also be taken into consideration: The important parameters here include the required voltage, the power and the type of input impedance (capacitive or resistive). With this data it is possible to design and dimension the transducer and storage electronics, including the mechanics.



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