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Your future is also our future! Because we can shape and form the future together with high-tech and your training as a true professional. Therefore, at PI Ceramic, we have therefore been training specialists for technical and commercial professions for many years and are happy to take on qualified junior staff in permanent employment. With us you can take the decisive step in your professional career with an apprenticeship for the professions of test technologist, microtechnologist, industrial ceramist, production mechanic, machine and plant operator as well as industrial clerk and office management assistant. So if technology fascinates you, if you really want to make a difference and set out on your professional mission with exciting high-tech, then you've come to the right place! After passing your final exam, you can take the next level of your professional future, because we give you really good prospects for it.

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Test Engineer (m/f/d)
Microtechnologist for Microsystems Technology (m/f/d)
Industrial Ceramist for Process Engineering (m/f/d)
Production Mechanic (m/f/d)
Machine and System Operator in the Field of Metal and Plastics Technology (m/f/d)
Management Assistant for Office Communication (m/f/d)
B.Eng. Electrical Engineering/Automation Technology (m/f/d)
B.Eng. Industrial Production (m/f/d)
B.Eng. Technical Management (m/f/d)
B.Eng. Practical Computer Science (m/f/d)
B.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management Technical Sales (m/f/d)




Dual Curriculum Students

Questions & Answers

The full application includes:

  • Letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of current testimonials
  • Copy of the certificate of the highest school-leaving qualification obtained
  • Certificate of completion of vocational training (if available)
  • Verification of internships (if available)

You can send us your application as soon as the job advertisement is online.

Prospective trainees for commercial professions complete a test at PI Ceramic and also take part in a job interview within a larger group – both take about half a day. In addition, there is a one-week internship in our trainee workshop, which is completed before or after the application. Prospective trainees for commercial professions can expect a test and job interview in a larger group with a short self-presentation.

Applicants for one of our dual study programs can expect one day of practical experience and an interview.

Yes, if the qualification is state-recognized as "Certificate Assessment for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications".

Remuneration of vocational training follows the guidelines set down by the collective agreement of the ceramics industry.

PI Ceramic offers you attractive prospects after passing your final examination successfully: After all, our objective is to take over young, committed junior staff, and talent in a permanent employment relationship.

I chose natural sciences from the 6th grade in school and was particularly interested in chemistry. After one week of trial internship in the laboratory at PI, I knew that this was where I wanted to do my apprenticeship. I am currently in my second year of training as a test technologist and by now I can independently decide on the tasks that need to be done throughout the day. It is great to accompany the development of a product from the start to the end. The greatest incentive every day is the feeling of success when our developments come to fruition. When I exchange my experience with other test technologists at school, I always notice how an apprenticeship with PI Ceramic is really something special: The working environment is very welcoming, I felt comfortable from the very beginning. And what I like most of all, is the feeling that even as an apprentice my knowledge and commitment are very much appreciated here – and that I can make a difference!

Lena Köberlein, apprentice Test Technologist Ceramics