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Have you have just graduated or do you have professional experience already. Are you ready for the next step in your career? Then PI miCos is the right partner for you! We are future-oriented and international and therefore offer you a secure job with exciting tasks and interesting prospects. We have been doing pioneering work in precision positioning for 30 years. Our products, processes, and services stand for the highest quality - the future is made with drive systems and industrial systems for the most demanding and fastest-growing markets here in our global competence center for PI Performance Automation. The future is shaped to reality every day here and can therefore we continue to expand our pioneering role further on the world market. That's the reason why we are looking for pioneers, role models, innovators, and thinkers, tinkerers and specialists to accompany us on this path.

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We implement complex positioning tasks for our customers in the field of Engineered Systems: The solutions are complex mechatronic systems based on our many years of experience in positioning technology. We work together with the customer at the beginning of each project to develop a robust concept and check the technical feasibility to develop detailed solutions. Interdisciplinary teams take care of implementing in close cooperation with several technical disciplines such as mechanics, drive and control engineering, and measurement technology. Short communication channels, solution-based work, and the high motivation of all participants help us to reach our goal quickly. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, technical adaptations of existing standard products are often necessary - up to completely new designs of entire systems. The exciting aspect of this work: the requirements often take us to the limits of technical possibilities. However, the innovative spirit, joy of challenges, and the willingness to forge ahead, we at PI miCos are able to push those supposed limits even further each time: The solutions developed in this way push us and our customers forward - and secure the technological leadership for us in high-precision positioning technology.

The Electronics and Software Development Group at Eschbach complements the team of experienced mechanical designers with the know-how and the development services for suitable electrical design, integrated electronics, digital control technology, and industrial bus systems.

Our electrical construction team develops the concepts for control cabinets and draws up the details. This results in powerful secondary distribution, low-noise connection of electronics for motion control and, if safety is a customer requirement, we also integrate suitable solutions. This also means that data and power need to be transferred between the control cabinet and the mechanical system. For this purpose, the team and the technical sales department immerse themselves mentally into the planned application in order to develop requirement-specific connections, e.g., for cleanrooms, vacuum or low temperature applications. The electronics team develops analog and digital sensors for position and safety functions or integrates them to achieve the high PI positioning quality. The team develops the solutions for the appropriate automation technology and connection to customer-specific control systems for the architecture of complex machines with several combined degrees of freedom (Engineered Systems). For this purpose, communication architectures based on serial industrial bus systems, mostly EtherCAT, are created and tested. The team's engineers then take the responsibility during the realization phase for starting and operating, and integrating nanometer-precision machines that manage to position loads exactly even if they weigh several tons.

Our Software Team works closely together with the colleagues responsible for starting and operating and the in-house production. The team develops user-friendly software for testing and measuring procedures in production that partially automates and digitizes processes. The measurement data generated during production is collected in databases and used with other technical product information for continuous improvement by analyzing, modeling, and simulating entire product families.

As functions and high demands on the robustness of the entire mechatronic system increase more and more, the team supports the regular systematic analysis of all products. They check for compatibility between mechanics and electronics during firmware updates and tests new mechanics thoroughly before they go into production.

Industrial engineering is a very broadly based field that forms the link between design, development, and production. Engineering is involved right from the very start: Starting with involvement in product development, through the maintenance of data in the ERP system, to the complete design of workstations according to lean management criteria. Engineering also makes sure that existing products, their production processes, and procedures are optimized. Drawing up and modifying work plans, determining target times and compiling assembly instructions are also part of the engineering tasks. In addition, the supplying production with the necessary equipment such as auxiliary devices, complete semi-automatic or automatic fixtures, and test equipment completes the engineering profile.

In order to be in a position to handle all of these tasks, you need a motivated, dedicated team of genuine team players. Perhaps one just like you? We are looking for professionals who are motivated to act independently according to defined workflows, who think for themselves, have the courage to question things, and help to continuously optimize processes.

As a technician/engineer or professional with many years of professional experience in work preparation, you have a high level of technical knowledge, work in a clearly organized manner, and are always solution-based. As "advocate" for production, you are a team player, also able to deal with conflicts, and are committed to all processes for finding solutions. Does that sound like you? Then welcome to the Industrial Engineering team at PI miCos in Eschbach!

Supply Chain Management in Eschbach consists of the order processing, purchasing, logistics and quality control teams. Members of staff with technical and commercial training have their finger on the pulse of the company and enjoy a respectful, productive atmosphere embedded in a modern working environment. The order processing department records and supports customer orders in daily contact with customers and sales, coordinates service issues, and is responsible for customs clearance. In logistics, incoming goods, incoming goods inspection, warehouse management, dispatch preparation as well as packaging and dispatch were designed to be flexible.

The technically demanding purchasing department is involved in the entire life cycle of products and services. The PI purchasing group is both national and international.

Quality assurance plays a central role in ensuring the quality of parts and includes a coordinate measuring machine as well as other testing equipment. All colleagues contribute to a genuine team spirit and support each other every day to give their best and they do this with a high degree of reliability, mental flexibility, awareness of their colleagues and the will for constant optimization, .

The production at Eschbach covers the product range of linear, rotary and lifting tables, cross as well as goniometer tables, linear actuators and systems from the products mentioned for modern precision positioning technology. Manufacturing our products includes machining on modern 5-axis milling centers for the components, assembling the positioning products, testing the product functions, laser-based measurement in the measuring laboratory as well as commissioning, programming, and parameterization. PI miCos manufactures customized solutions from single positioning products to complex systems in cleanrooms and ultraclean rooms. The punctual delivery to our customers worldwide of highest quality high-tech positioning products quality is a top priority for our production.

Are you a cutting machine operator, mechatronic technician, industrial foreman or technician? And would you like to contribute your know-how and experience to the production of high-tech products that position themselves in the micro and nanometer range? You as a member of staff need a high degree of team orientation, flexibility, and solution-based action, from single items to small series and a wide range of articles: If these are your strengths and if changing tasks and technical challenges inspire your ambition, then you have come to the right place in Eschbach!

The Human Resources team at PI miCos sees itself as a partner of all employees and managers in implementing the strategic goals of the company successfully. In addition to administrative and organizational tasks, our spectrum includes recruiting, employer branding, and talent management. We work every day in an appreciative, trustworthy working culture to constantly promote and intensify motivation, effectiveness, and identification with PI miCos.

We are looking for people to join our HR team who have the drive to make a difference and push all areas of the company forward by working in HR. This is how we produce significant added value for the entire company. To do this, we need people like you - committed team players who approach their work in a targeted and solution-based manner and who enjoy working confidently in many areas and departments. We are not looking for administrators, but real innovators: Experienced people with a high level of consulting expertise who are able to understand, moderate, and interpret relationships across interfaces - and are therefore also an important source of inspiration for our top management.


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