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Technological leaps? Push boundaries? Always welcome! We live and love innovation, thinking further, and making the impossible possible.

It is not without reason that we, the PI Group, a fast-growing global player, function as a global market leader for best-in-class positioning technology and piezo technologies.

Our solutions help companies worldwide in the fields of life science, industrial automation, photonics, semiconductors, biotechnology, or astronomy to be able to continuously push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

PI contributes with a unique portfolio of solutions to the realization of numerous exciting projects and tasks for the most challenging positioning tasks.

This is why, our components and systems are used in the Curiosity and Perseverance Mars Rovers, fly with the Solar Orbiter to the sun, or support testing procedures for a reliable still and video imaging quality of cameras. In medical technology, tiny piezo elements are used in a variety of diagnostic procedures and medical therapies. Far more than half of all microchips worldwide are produced with the help of PI solutions.

This is why, we need the brightest brains and people, who push the boundaries of what is technically possible with us!

To be able to tap into the global growth potential in an agile and dynamic manner, it is necessary to quickly react to the demands of the high-tech markets. It's about adapting and scaling our technological solutions with courage, flexibility, and perseverance.

For this, we are looking for experienced professionals and applicants who actively take the challenges and further develop our three competence areas: Nano Positioning, Performance Automation, and Piezo Technology.

Physik Instrumente Dr. Christian Sander

PI makes it possible for me to actively accompany the product creation of highly complex mechatronic systems right from the start. This comprises the design of new system architectures of parallel-kinematic machines for high-precision applications, the performance of basic preliminary tests, the development of functioning patterns and prototypes, and the final inspection of the systems with the customer. I find it particularly thrilling to be working with well-known customers from the high-tech industry and to be able to offer a tailored solution for their applications.

Dr. Christian Sander – Group Lead Parallel Kinematics Technology Center Parallel Kinematics and Magnetic Drives & Systems

Physik Instrumente Dr. Julia Winter

At PI, we work with highly qualified, dedicated, and highly motivated employees to push the company's goals forward. To do so, as a manager you have the necessary freedom within a given framework to implement and test own approaches and working methods in your team/group. The tasks are varied and always challenging – the good cooperation of the group managers also ensures a good working relationship.

Dr. Julia Winter – Group Lead Project Management

Because You're Worth It.

Our employees are the basis for our success. The commitment, skills, motivation, and performance of our team are essential to stake our claim to technological excellence. That's why, we want to create a work culture that favors these qualities and are so willing to offer measures and benefits that are rarely found in this abundance elsewhere.

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Right from the start, I was thrilled by the large variety of technologies, the different tasks, and the questions with which I come into contact every day. Each project has new challenges, requires my creativity, technical understanding, and ability to visualize abstract concepts. This variety of the tasks, the different focus areas combined with really fascinating applications make sure that it never gets boring in Development at PI.

Dr. Daniela Troll – Group Lead PAS Construction & Simulation, RnD PDS Design & Simulations

Physik Instrumente Steffen Schreiber

In my area of responsibility, I particularly value the work in exciting, interdisciplinary projects. They often result in new technological challenges that require creative and innovative approaches in finding the right solution. These solutions are made at all possible by interdisciplinary teams of employees collaborating worldwide. The products that we develop enable our customers to implement and realize cutting-edge technologies in a wide range of technological areas.

Dr. Steffen Schreiber – Group Lead Advance Development

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Who we are looking for PI? If you are confident in your approach, like to take the initiative, think strategically and promote your own ideas, you are one of the people who fit in with us. We are looking for bright people who are passionate about their work, who do not rest on their laurels, but always want to improve, while always acting responsibly in order to support our company and our values in the long term.

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For better readability, we have formulated our texts with the masculine pronoun. However, the job offers and other content on our website address all genders. At PI, everyone is welcome – the diversity of our employees is an asset to our company.