Invitation to the Sensor+Test Trade Fair in Nuremberg

The Senor+Test international trade fair begins June 25, 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany. As the world's leading trade fair for measuring technology, it is an ideal platform for PI Ceramic to present new >> piezoceramic actuators and >> ultrasonic sensor components.

At our stand, we will be very happy to show you products for flow rate measurement, air bubble detection, ultrasonic measuring technology in industrial automation and medical technology as well as possibilities of higher refinement and integration of piezo components.

Visit Us at the Sensor+Test, Hall 5 / Stand 5-120

We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a good journey!

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Piezo Components

Piezoelectric components, such as plates, disks, or rings convert mechanical signals such as force, pressure, strain, or acceleration to electrical voltage, or vice versa, an electrical voltage into mechanical motion or oscillations.

Piezo Actuators

PI Ceramic offers a broad variety of piezoelectric actuators for applications in all important high-tech markets: Medical technology, industrial automation, research, aerospace, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and much more.

Ultrasonic Measuring Technology

Piezoelectric components convert electrical energy into sound and can be used as ultrasonic transducers for a variety of sensor tasks, enabling, e.g., level and flow rate measurements in industrial production plants.