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Piezo Technology for Medical Technology and Industrial Applications

Piezo technology is used for a wide range of applications in medical technology, industry, and also research and it continues to open up new possibilities and opportunities. Due to their high speed, precision, reliability, and durability, piezo components are a popular solution for micropositioning, microfluidics, and microdispensing.

Thanks to the miniaturization of piezo components, modern and gentle forms of therapy, such as incisionless surgeries, can be achieved in medical technology. Piezo components are ideal for use in industry, especially due to their precision. Industrial dosing systems with piezo elements are ideally suited for digital printing, for example, because this application requires precise dosing in the microliter or even nanoliter range.

Thanks to its broad portfolio of piezo ceramics for a variety of different applications, PI Ceramic offers numerous standardized products and can also offer highly customized solutions for application-specific developments.

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