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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Applying

Have you got any questions on applying? Would you like to know how to apply to PI properly and what and what needs to be considered?

Katrin Burghoff would be pleased to help you!

Ms. Katrin Burghoff

PI Ceramic GmbH
07589 Lederhose

Phone    +49 36604 882-0

Fax    +49 36604 882-4109

First of all, you send us your application by email or post.

We send you a provisional reply immediately (that means confirmation that your application has been received).

If your application is great and meets our expectations, we would like to get acquainted and invite you to a one-day internship and take a recruitment test.

If you applied to become a mechatronics technician [m/f/d], we will invite you to attend a trial internship first.

Last but not least, you will receive a prompt offer for vocational training or a rejection as the case may be.

If you receive an offer, you can look forward to our trainee's weekend, which takes place just before you start your training!

If you wish to start your vocational training in the following year, please apply as soon as you have your half-year results for the current year.

If for example, you intend to start your vocational training in September of the current year, you should apply with the mid-year results from the previous year. Otherwise, you can apply for vocational training in the following year with your final 9th grade certificate (before the summer holidays begin).

We refer to the collective agreement of the IG Chemie-Papier-Keramik trade union for vocational training.

You will be supervised by trained instructors who are responsible for you during the entire course of your vocational training.

You get to know each department and its staff, and will be trained in all areas relevant for your vocation.

Yes, after any training in a department, there is a feedback session with you, your instructor, the relevant department, and the head of the vocational training.

We subsidize the meals in the canteen.

There is a very good chance that you will get a permanent job offer.

If you apply for vocational training as an industrial clerk [m/f/d], there is nothing to stop you becoming a qualified specialist or even a head of department.

After completing vocational training, you can train to become a business manager [m/f/d], an industrial business manager [m/f/d], or you may even begin a course of study on a part-time or full-time basis.

Even if you are training to become a mechatronics technician [m/f/d], there is nothing to stop you becoming a qualified specialist, a group manager or the head of a fractal.

Needless to say, there is nothing to stop you going on to gain the title of "Master" or "Technician" [m/f/d] in your chosen field after completing your vocational training.

For example, if you decide on training in microtechnology [m/f/d], you can also continue and become a qualified specialist or even a team leader.

After you have completed your training, you can continue and gain the title of master [m/f/d] or technician [m/f/d], or even start studying (full or part time).

  • We advertise our vocational training program on our website and other relevant portals.
  • Every year, we attend numerous vocational skills events where you can come and speak to us and ask as many questions as you like about our training program.
  • We cooperate with the schools and we visit them on a regular basis in order to present PI as a possible future employer.
  • We offer BORS/BOGY internships in the commercial and business sectors.
  • We reimburse your expenses if you are required to travel to other location as part of your vocational training.