Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning with High-Power Ultrasound

For micro-level cleaning systems, it is a challenging task not to damage tiniest structures on the surface to be cleaned.

Ultrasonic systems that work at operating frequencies between 700 kHz and 3 MHz are best suited for this. With these systems, dirt particles can be removed reliably in the nanometer range without damaging the sensitive surfaces by a too high pressure or too high temperatures.

This is why the ultrasonic cleaning process is ideal for microsystems technology and semiconductor production.

Power Ultrasound for Cleaning

The functional principle of ultrasonic cleaning is easy to understand: The ultrasonic system basically consists of three components: The electronic ultrasonic generator, the ultrasonic oscillator (transducer), a piezo element, and an appropriate cleaning fluid, selected according to the cleaning task.



Operating Principle

The ultrasonic generator converts the supplied alternating voltage of 50 Hz or 60 Hz to a frequency that corresponds to the operating frequency of the transducer. The transducer then converts the released electric energy into mechanical acoustic oscillations causing the surrounding fluid to oscillate. Each oscillation leads to an over-pressure phase or low-pressure phase in the fluid, depending on whether the transducer expands or contracts. During the low-pressure phase, due to the fluid's limited tensile strength, small cavities form in the fluid; these so-called cavitation bubbles implode during the over-pressure phase.

When the cavitation bubbles implode at the surface to be cleaned, dirt particles are removed.

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