Air Ultrasound: Noncontact Measurement with Piezo Components

Ultrasonic sensors for air ultrasound use in most cases the radial oscillation of piezo disks or plates to measure distance or position. To ensure efficient and low-damping transmission into air, the piezo elements are provided with acoustic matching layers made of a suitable material. PI Ceramic manufactures the integrated assembly according to Customer Requirements and ensures proper installation and contacting.


Propagation Time Measurement by Ultrasound

The measurement method is based on the principle of propagation time measurement. The ultrasonic sensors used work with short high-frequency acoustic pulses in the range from approx. 40 to 500 kHz. They are transported in air at sound velocity and reflected from objects. The measurement of the propagation time between sending the pulse and receiving the reflected signal is evaluated electronically to give the distance from the object. Air ultrasound opens up a wide range of fields of application ranging from Level Measurement in containers, from grain elevator to test tube, to distance and position measurements in the packaging industry, park distance control in automobiles, and object surveillance in the security industry.

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